The current Global Volatility and challenges in Managing Risks on Various Alternative Investments, has created doubts in the Theoretical Learning & Practical up-datedness of the Persons who have been managing such affairs. However the issue is that, such Persons managing the risks were never trained theoretically or practically prior to joining in the real World and hence the challenge arises. In a nutshell, there is a huge yawning gap in what is taught in theoretical Degrees and what is required/expected in Practical Corporate World. To plug such gaps that exist in the Theoretical & Practical World, CA Aman Chugh has launched the Aman Chugh Skill Development Center (ACSDC), an exclusive Center focused to train the Young & Experienced Pillars of the economy in understanding the advance inputs of the Financial World.

Objectives of the Aman Chugh Skill Development Center (ACSDC):

The Aman Chugh Skill Development Center has primarily three objectives:

  • Train the Student & Working Population on Financial Markets & Instruments practical Courses to make them Job Capable or Entrepreneurs.
  • Coach the Student & Working Population on CFA Degree Course of USA to be absorbed in Dynamic Fields.
  • Train the MSMEs & Corporate Houses on Varied fields of Finance, including Finance for Non Finance to manage their Cost Centers & Currency Derivatives & Risk Management to mitigate and manage their FX Exposure.