CFOs Next

About The “CFOs Next”

“CFOs Next”  is an initiative by CA (Dr) Aman Chugh to create a network of Senior Finance Professionals (With more than 12 yrs of Relevant experience and still in Job at Senior Management Position).

Aman Chugh already is well connected with India’s Top 200 CFOs and alongwith them looks towards mentoring the “CFOs Next”  to come up the ladder and rise to such levels.

Objectives of the “CFOs Next”  Network
  • New CFO Level/Controller Level Profiles
    Our Existing CFOs Network have many such CFO/Controller Level Profiles open in their known networks and due to integrity standards, we can’t publicise such roles. Hence, we shall try to match the same and provide relevant opportunities to the best candidates in such “CFOs Next”  Network.
  • Networking
    Once in every quarter, we also plan to arrange a get together of such “CFOs Next”  Members at different Metro locations to expand such network further.
  • Mutual Problem Solving and Knowledge Sharing
    Such Network shall be used to put forth Finance related queries and offer best solutions to such queries based on the collective rich expertise/experience of the Network. (No Forwarded Messages, Greetings, Videos etc.)
Membership Process

For registering with “CFOs Next”,  you need to fill an online form stating accurate details. Fill the form at Bottom of page

Other Key Points
  • Free membership for lifetime. In case any Member reaches to CFO Level, such membership continues even after the retirement.
  • Each Member reserves the right to cease their association with the group. Upon such event their contact details shall be deleted as well and their access to the database shall be discontinued.
  • Addition to this group is on Referral basis only so as to ensure like minded, progressive fraternity, who would also contribute while taking benefits from the group.
Working of “CFOs Next” 
  • Database – All the Google Sheets, Google forms and other files having details about candidates and all other relevant material will be accessible to all the “CFOs Next”  members only.
  • Data Privacy – Members contact details are not sold to any external agency for marketing purpose. Even the Network’s contact details are not be shared further unless upon the consent of the Member.
  • Events – Family events shall be organized every quarter in regions like Gurugram (Gurgaon), Bengaluru, Mumbai majorly in metro cities etc. The main agenda of the event would be networking and sharing of professional ideas or discussion related to new opportunities which would lead to financial and professional growth. First event is necessarily paid even if you are not attending the event in the respective location.
  • Newsletter – Quarterly updates on events, progress and latest happenings shall be circulated amongst the network.
  • Other Initiatives – We have started our pilot project with India’s Top 30 Rated Univeristy namely “Chitkara University” titled MBA in Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Corporate Finance.
    Also an MBA in Insurance & Financial Planning for working professionals has also been started.
  • Disqualification of Membership – If someone is found misusing the “CFOs Next”  data base or in case any kind of Professional Misconduct is proved.
  • Points System –
    • When someone asks question or asks for any assistance, 30 points shall be reduced from their Points Base. Each one of the Group Members start with 0 Points. Hence such points can also move into Negative zone.
    • Whosoever (May be even more than One), provides the best solutions to such queries/assistance sought, 30 Points shall be awarded to each one of them (Decided by the Question Raising Member)
    • Member may redeem their points to pay for their expenses on Get Together Events (Each point worth Rs 5)
    • Any existing Member bringing a similar experienced/eligible member to the Networking event, shall be awarded 100 Points as bonus.
    • Any Member sharing an authentic Job Profile in the group relevant for such Group Members shall be awarded 50 Points on each such Job Posted.
Who can refer whom?

One can refer candidates from family, friends to the group or the people you have worked with you and those you can vouch for.

Any reference of "CFOs Next"

I accept you to add me in your whatsapp group and use my email id for event invites, newsletters and other relevant information.