CFP Course Details


Day 1 – Morning 09.30 am till 1.30 pm Introduction to Financial Markets & Policies 1. Objectives of an Economy
2. Manageable Inflation and Issues
3. Meaning of GDP and its growth issues
4. Managing the Objectives through Policies
5. Introduction to Monetary Policy & its tools
6. Repo, Reverse Repo, CRR, SLR
7. Introduction to Fiscal Policy and its tools
8. Fiscal Budget & Fiscal Deficit
9. Balance of Payment & Balance of Trade
10. Current Account Deficit and its effects on our products & economy functions.
11. Contemporary Issues and Practical Workings in Modern Markets

Day 1 – Noon 02:30 pm till 05:30 pm Introduction to Financial Instruments 1. Vision & Relevance of Financial Instruments in a Clients Portfolio & Financial Planning Model
2. Discussion of Various Financial Instruments in an Economy’s Portfolio and shape of the Economy
3. Detailed understanding on Equity, NIFTY & Sensex calculation, Reality on Markets
4. Detailed analysis of Large Cap Stocks since 2008

Day 1 – Evening 05:30 pm till 06:30 pm Digital Marketing 1. Facebook as a marketing tool to promote oneself
2. Whatsapp as a marketing tool to promote oneself

Day 2 – Morning 09.30 am till 1.30 pm Complete Analysis on Mutual Funds on Excel 1. Why do Mutual Funds show Returns since 1995?
2. Analsysing & Reading Fact Sheets of Mutual Funds
3. Return/ Risk Calculation: IRR, Holding Period Return, CAGR, Annualised, Relevant Return, Standard Deviation
4. Everything on Mutual Funds- Return, Risk, Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio, Beta, etc on Live Mutual Fund
5. Window Dressing on Mutual Funds
6. SIP/Lumpsum Calculation, Dividend Stripping, SEBI Guidelines on Risk
7. Corpus of Mutual Fund: The Stocks and their Performance
8. Concept of Risk Advisory License, Portfolio / Investment Advisor and Distributor

Day 2 – Noon 02:30 pm till 05:30 pm Case Study Based Portfolio Calculation 1. Understanding a Portfolio
2. Building a Portfolio through a Case Study
3. Learning to calculate the Return of different Asset Classes of a Portfolio
4. Looking at the Weighted Avg Return of a Portfolio

Day 2 – Evening 05:30 pm till 06:30 pm Digital Marketing 1. Facebook as a marketing tool to promote oneself
2. Whatsapp as a marketing tool to promote oneself

Day 3 – Morning 08.30 am till 12.30 pm Understanding Derivatives as a Penetrating tool in HNI / NRI Segment 1. Nifty Trends and Analysis
2. Actual Markets & Notional Markets
3. Equity Derivatives and its Introduction
4. Cash Buying / Selling and Future Long / Short
5. Target Profits & Stop Losses Concepts and Levels
6. Option: Puts and Calls
7. Selling the Puts: Buy your Portfolio at Lower Prices
8. Selling the Calls: Sell your Portfolio at Higher Prices
9. How to earn Rental Income Ranging Between 1% to 2% per month on the portfolio
10. How not to speculate and not to loose on the cash outflows

Day 3 – Noon 01:30 pm till 03:30 pm An Ideal Portfolio: Balanced Risk Return Trade Off 1 Looking at a Portfolio with Conventional Products including Jeevan Anand
2 Understanding an Excel Model of Over 100,000 Portfolios

Day 3 – Noon 03:30 pm till 04:30 pm Certification Award Ceremony 1. Certification Award Ceremony