Conventional Insurance Products: The Portfolio Risk Mitigator!!!

I always say that as Term Insurance helps in mitigating/indemnifying the loss due to the risk in the Life of a Human, similarly the Conventional Products of Insurance help in mitigating the risks in the Portfolio of the Clients.

While Financial Planning through risky Instruments such as Equity or Mutual Funds shows the Corpus which shall be created, what would happen if on that day of maturity, the Markets are in a bad shape just like they have fell in the last one week😀

Imagine One missile threat by Korea to US can lead to correction in certain stocks by 20%-30%, what if the Missile is actually launched, What would the Financial Portfolio be then??

Hence it is always necessary that while Returns should be considered in a Portfolio or a Financial Plan but at what amount of Risk is such return considered is a FUTURISTIC BIG QUESTION!!