Projects and Assignments for Semester – 5


1. The above Assignment shall have to be made more realistic and be submitted as Project in the following Semester.
2. Your Project Report needs to be more elaborate based on the detailed Capital Budgeting Project and shall have to be submitted in the following semester.


1. Capital Budgeting

Identify a Business Model which you would like to set up and prepare the following:
• The Basic Assumptions sheet of such Business Model.
• Calculating NPV and Profitability Index of the Proposed Project.
• In case there is a single Cash Outflow at the Initial Point only and Multiple Cash Inflows, then also calculate Payback Period and Discounted Payback Period for the Project.

2. Project Financing and MSME Banking

Identify a Business Model on which Capital Budgeting Model shall be built up. You need to prepare a Project Report with all relevant details to be submitted to the Bank/Financial Institution.