Projects and Assignments for Semester – 2


1. Analysis (as done in class) to be done for Clients Mutual Fund and get it counter signed from them.

2. Financial Statement Analysis

• For LIC Participants- To make use of Financial Ratios and submit the Proposal to LIC.
• For Non LIC Participants- To take up any Listed Nifty Stock and analyse its Financials as per the Ratios in Class- Debt/Equity, Debt/Total Funds, Current Ratio, Return on Capital Employed, Return on Investment, Return of Equity, PAT%, EBIDTA%, PE Ratio, Industry PE Ratio

3. Project file of Screenshots of Each week of Post done on Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms.


1. Financial Instruments

a. Equities

• List of Nifty Stocks and Sensex Stocks with their Sectors/Industry and identify the common stocks
• Check the Market Capitalization of each stock
• Return per annum in each stock since 2008 to identify Top performing Stocks

b. Bonds

• Find out the Bond Yields of US, Europe, UK, Japan, India and China
• Find out Two Global Bonds Issued by Large Corporates

c. Real Estate

• What are the rights and duties of a buyer?
• What are the procedures for filing a complaint against a developer?
• What is the ‘escrow account’ and ‘separate account’?
• How will a project be completed if a Real Estate Developer is revoked after the registration of the project ?
• Why has the act mandated the builder to specify the Carpet Area rather than the Super Built up area ?
• I am a real estate Developer. My project would be developed in phases? Firstly what all documents do I have to submit for registration at RERA ? Is there any time period for registration at RERA ? Will my project get a single registration or multiple registrations and why ?

2. Financial Modelling

• Identify Top 5 Mutual Funds as per Google and identify Top 5 Most Common Stocks within such Mutual Funds
• Take any One Mutual Fund and Identify the Trends time period of Top 10 Stocks. Find out percentage of time when they were in down trend/side trend and up trend and identify what stocks have been better than the rest.

3. Digital Marketing
Everyday posting to be done on Facebook, Linkedin and other Social Media Platforms and screenshots to be shared in whatsapp group.